Roxanne Doche By Roxanne Doche • Apr 28, 2020

Contactless Service: The New Normal

COVID-19 has redefined "contactless service." What once was a matter of convenience is now a necessity. Even as restrictions are lifted, it's likely that we won't be running "business as usual" for awhile. For essential services, social distancing and contactless service will become the new norm. With the right mindset and sophisticated technology, it could be an opportunity to elevate the customer experience. 

It's been incredible to see how swiftly Shop-Ware shops adjusted their processes to ensure the safety of their employees and customers while maintaining high levels of customer service. Here are a few, inspiring examples:


Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center in Claremont, CA modified their customer intake system and deployed an AppleTV so they could easily “Air-Play” estimates and invoices while maintaining distance. And their customers love it!


CoAuto in Reno, NV adjusted their process to offer contactless service options every step of the way.


Motorpool Automotive in Campbell, CA is now paying special attention to how they clean and disinfect vehicles after service.



L&N Performance Auto Repair is offering a special incentive to their customers who continue to support small and local businesses through the crisis. Supporting these businesses is now more important than ever.


Toole's Garage is gifting their customers with "essential packs" which include face masks and hand sanitizer.

In addition to key drops and disinfectants, our CEO, Carolyn Coquillette shared a few practical tips that your business can implement now to make it a safer place for everyone. Our software also has several built-in tools that can make the transition seamless, including Remote Pay which we recently launched with 360 payments