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Data Visualization meets Live Shop Management with Capacity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - Shop-Ware’s new Capacity feature launches industry-first data visualization to manage live workload -- and how much more work can fit in. 

This latest feature reinforces Shop-Ware as the industry-leading shop management system offering an end-to-end digital customer experience. With every upgrade, Shop-Ware continues to reduce staff cognitive load to make its shops significantly more efficient: getting more done with less human effort.

Shop-Ware’s Capacity feature displays shop performance metrics through on-screen graphics providing shop staff with the information needed to manage individual technician and overall shop workload, flow, and capacity. While this information is common, the display’s design, information hierarchy, and real-time updates are the first of their kind.

“Seeing this data visually helps you grasp concepts quickly and avoids errors that can occur with manual computation,” says Shop-Ware CEO, Carolyn Coquillette. “Staff can focus, answer questions easily, and keep their workflow optimized.”

Increasing a shop’s overall efficiency, staff can manage their live shop capacity on Shop-Ware:

  • Each tech summary represents live billable and available hours, to keep staff productive.
  • Each workflow card represents live billable hours on each RO, to scan the amount of work in the shop and identify what’s the highest value.
  • All work visualizations support tooltips to see exact billed hours and dollar amounts.
  • The “Repair Order Quickview” summarizes all of the work in progress by status, including car counts and GP dollars, to analyze the pipeline at any given moment.
  • A daily capacity gauge displays how well the shop is loaded for its daily target. 
  • A weekly capacity gauge displays how well the shop is producing based on its weekly target.
  • Staff can determine whether to accept more new jobs, as well as set expectations for existing work, to keep the shop full while balancing optimum speed of service to customers.

Technical instructions and detailed information on the Capacity release can be found here.

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