Roxanne Doche By Roxanne Doche • Jun 3, 2020

How This High-End Shop Went Digital & Bolstered Their Reputation

Meet Excelerate Performance

Established in 2003, Excelerate Performance grew from a small parts warehouse into a premier full-service facility. Located in Branford, CT, their focus is on the performance, service, and repair of European, Exotic, and Japanese vehicles. Excelerate offers a comprehensive set of services including automotive diagnosis and repair, scheduled maintenance, regular service schedules, and high-performance upgrades.


The Challenge

Over the next 15 years, shop owner Joshua Lockwood grew Excelerate's crew to a mean 19. It was obvious that their outdated method of pen and paper was no longer a reliable source to communicate work orders. "Information management and communication were a big struggle," Joshua noted.

"Since we were using a custom system, the mechanics had no input into anything accounting-wise. They had to write notes on paper and bring them to people for approval."

As a tech-savvy business man, he knew he needed a cloud-based digital platform for increased efficiency. 


The Results

Joshua researched several shop management systems and ultimately chose Shop-Ware.

"The reporting features are great. It's a necessity to know where we are making money and where we aren't.
The productivity and efficiency for mechanics is also important. Clocking in and out of jobs is needed to gauge that productivity; there is no more guessing as to how long each thing takes." Joshua also appreciates being able to track when and how a customer authorizes a repair.

"We chose Shop-Ware mainly for its user-friendly, cloud-based platform, and for all of the features it offers."

Less than 2 weeks after transitioning from their old system, Excelerate Performance was up and running with Shop-Ware. Staff members noticed an immediate impact in their communication and overall efficiency. Their entire work process improved from start to finish - including a 20% increase in time saved from writing up maintenance services. Joshua and his team (even the ones that were hesitant to switch over) knew that Shop-Ware was the change they needed.


Very Happy Customers

The program is now firing on all cylinders and Excelerate's customers are impressed.

"We often hear from customers about how awesome the communication was; it's refreshing when customers go out of their way to tell us how pleased they are with the process."

Thank you to Joshua and the Excelerate team for your continued support. We love that you allow us to contribute to your shop's success. Check out Excelerate Performance at

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