Shop-Ware By Shop-Ware • Sep 24, 2021

Green Dot, Gauges, Oh My! Manage your life shop capacity on Shop-Ware

Green means go and it also means dollars 💲 for your shop.

In the case of our Capacity feature, it tells you where to go to keep the flow of work and money rolling.

Seeing your daily overview at a glance can free up time and mental energy while opening you up to more customers. You told us you needed this type of visualization and now you’re saying, “It’s a godsend.” Now you can track each tech and car to see what is happening to move cars from approval to repair and make your shop more profitable.

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See All Your Earnings In One Place 
Capacity is the first feature of its kind to help you do more with less math and human effort. It answers your questions at glance or before you even ask them. Shop-Ware founder and CEO Carolyn Coquillette walked through the dials, tiles and dots to summarize the most valuable pain-point relievers.

Find out what you need to know and make decisions by:

  • Seeing what work is in progress with each tech and repair order via billed hours (green dots)
  • Quantifying where you stand on your daily targets (by looking at one gauge)
  • Assessing how close you are to your weekly targets in dollars and hours (with a second gauge)


Shop-Ware as the Solution
Shop-Ware provides professional-grade business solutions to the automotive industry’s leading repair shops so they can run entirely on the cloud; phone optional, and paper-free. Connecting the aftermarket together, Shop-Ware’s ecosystem enables next-generation shop efficiency and customer satisfaction without compromise. Full-service onboarding and best-in-class support provide everything a shop needs to transform its business and stay competitive long into the future. 

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