Shop-Ware By Shop-Ware • Jan 26, 2021

How this Multishop Operation Transformed their Shop Under a Single SMS

Meet Matt’s Automotive Service Center
Matt Lachowitzer founded Matt’s Automotive in 2009 and is now a multishop operation (MSO) owner of eight service locations. He is an entrepreneur, business coach and philanthropist. Matt and his staff are recognized leaders for trusted automotive service and caring about the community they serve. 



The Challenge
Matt’s Automotive is a multishop operation that employs 54 people. When Matt first opened, he used a single shop management system and as they grew, continued to use those, but the shops were not able to communicate or share customer data. As he purchased and opened more locations, a system that was uniform was imperative and one that could pull the old owners data as well was very important. All the systems working together to allow uniformity and accurate KPI’s was at the top of the list.

From Matt Lachowitzer, Owner of Matt’s Automotive:
"Since we’ve incorporated Shop-Ware into the business, I can work from anywhere and see what’s going on in my shops through one program. Having the right technologies, processes and procedures allows me to access my locations and manage anything from anywhere.”


The Results
Lachowitzer researched 30 different shop management systems to bring the service center locations together under one roof. Initially, they chose another vendor and after six months they realized they made a mistake. They needed a SMS that was quick, intelligent, and shared data across all locations. With the help of Shop-Ware’s Advanced Analytics, the shop estimates a 25% increase in daily productivity. The efficiencies allowed for smart business decisions. They were able to staff correctly by transitioning from a service advisor for every two people to every three. The same employees were then switched to different areas focused on customer experience. 

From Matt Lachowitzer, Owner of Matt’s Automotive:
“Since using Shop-Ware’s customer engagement tools like the picture and video enhancements, it is easier to explain to a customer what is wrong with their car. Our customers can approve the work with a click of a button. Thanks to the efficiencies that Shop-Ware provides, we are able to live up to our core values and WOW our customers every day.”


From Matt Lachowitzer, Owner of Matt’s Automotive:
“I knew Shop-Ware was the right choice when we received our first Google review. When your customers take notice that a piece of software makes their experience better, that speaks for itself.”


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