Roxanne Doche By Roxanne Doche • Jul 22, 2020

Road Trip Season Ready with Shop-Ware

Summer is the season of the great American road trip, but this year more people than ever are hitting the road. With safety concerns amid the current pandemic, nearly 60% of Americans are choosing to visit their vacation destination by car instead of flying. Now's the time for shops to step up to the plate as the unsung heroes of summer and be ready for an influx of business. Customers are going to want their cars tuned up and ready for a long haul before hitting the road. Come on a quick tour of Shop-Ware's features and learn how we can get your shop up to speed and road trip season ready!



Make Contactless Service a Snap

Ease your customers' fears by offering contactless service options made easy with Shop-Ware features. Prepare quotes, present upsells with a click and let customers approve work directly through the repair order without having to set foot in the shop. And with our newly launched Remote Pay feature - the entire process from start to finish can be completed without physical contact while still impressing your customers with top notch service.


If you haven't already started thinking about how to make your service contactless, there's no better time than now to start making the necessary adjustments. Contactless service won't just be a pandemic buzzword, but the new standard moving forward.

Optimize Your Shop's Efficiency

Shop-ware's guided workflows can help your shop handle an increase of business with ease.  Shop-Ware tracks when repair orders need attention and notifies staff in real time, minimizing distraction and maximizing attention to the one task that pays: fixing cars.

Other features like our analytics dashboard gather actionable data as your staff members use it. You'll be able to review high level KPIs instantly, in real time, on any device, anywhere. Shop-Ware shops have been proven to achieve 20% efficiency gains, all while reducing human error and sky-rocketing customer satisfaction. 

If you’re ready to get your shop up to speed and take advantage of road trip season, request a demo today!