Roxanne Doche By Roxanne Doche • Apr 13, 2020

Why Transparency in Auto Repair Matters

In the auto repair industry, transparency has always been a demand of customers. Now more than ever, though, customers are insistent that they know exactly what is going on with their vehicle and the way that your automotive technicians handle that need can make all the difference in the success of your repair shop. Customers want transparency not only in the pricing of repair services but in the actual services that are performed and in understanding the work that is being done on their vehicle.


Transparency Equals Integrity, to Many Customers

If you are anything less than forthcoming with a customer, it tends to look like you have something to hide. Even if your efforts are unintentional, it just doesn’t look professional to mislead people or keep information from them. It’s their vehicle, after all. In many dealerships, technology is even being used now that allows technicians to include photo and video evidence of the work that they do for customer review. This kind of service is game-changing.

How Digital Shop Management Software Can Help

Digital shop management software can do a number of things for your repair business. It can help you stay organized and even track your performance. When you’re attempting to improve service through increased transparency, being able to track your results can make all the difference in your success. There are a variety of reporting tools and analytics available, depending on the shop management software that you’re using, making it easy for you to track the metrics surrounding your efforts in increasing transparency.


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